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Gutter Downpipes

What are gutter Downpipes?

“Manufactured installation specifications”

Gutter downpipes are used to control the flow of rainwater. This is done to prevent excess weight from building up on the roof and to direct the water away from walls so as to not cause damage to walls.

Gutter Downpipe Specifications:

Our gutter downpipes are manufactured on the installation to ensure that they are the correct height from the roof and ground for optimal water direction, and they are available in the following sizes:
80x50mm and 105x75mm.

Our gutters are roll-formed on the installation site to the exact size, meaning no joints and no leaks, offering multiple advantages and ensuring top quality.

Our gutter downpipes are prepainted aluminum-zinc coated steel with distinctive smooth, flat fine spangle. The coating composition by weight is 55% aluminum 45% zinc alloys applied by a continuous hot-dip coating process, similar to that of continuous galvanizing.

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